jan brine

Artists statement re: abstract work
The initial inspiration for a painting can arrive from one of many visual sources, e.g. it may be based on a section of a print or collage I have made earlier, or a partly obscured image from a magazine photo or advert. However, once begun, a painting invariably takes off on a life of its own, and soon presents me with possibilities and problems to be solved. I use acrylic paint as I find the rapid drying speed concentrates the mind and helps me work very directly.

My paintings evolve slowly, with many false directions and alterations.

This involves my intuitive response to, and development of, marks made, plus organisation and reorganisation of areas of shape and colour. Often very radical spontaneous changes will be made during the process, as layers of paint interact with each other and suggest new possibilities.

I usually have several paintings on the go at any one time. A painting is finished when there is nothing to be added or taken away.